Chasin' Poon

Megalops Atlanticus -- more commonly known as Tarpon -- are often found in the shallow waterz of Florida's coast. To those of us with a fishin' addiction though; they're known as poon, tarpoon, the silver king, son of a bitch, bastard, and you've got to me kidding me among other things. No matter what you call them or I call them, we can all agree on one thing. Tarpon are a fish to be reckoned with.

From the rod bending, line zinging action to their high flying acrobatic jumps, tarpon are known as the king of inshore gamefish in Florida. People travel from all over the world, and often pay the big bucks just to get a shot at jumping one of these majestic monsters -- let alone landing one! Living here in Southwest Florida, we are lucky to call one of the best tarpon fisheries in the world our backyard. That being said when the conditions are right and the fish are ready to bite, we head out to our stomping grounds...

We Chase Fish. We Catch Fish. And We Let Fish Go.

Thanks to Mitch Porter and Wyler Gins for sharing their skiffs, and some of their fishing knowledge! The poon fishin' is hot! As always, it was a pleasure fishing with you guys!

Until Next Time...

Ty Nelson